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What do you want to sell?

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Today's lesson was boring.


I know who asked you here.


He isn't actually the manager.

I am a flawed person, but these are flaws that can easily be fixed.

Electric cars are not actually green.


Rajesh poured himself a drink into a glass from a flask that he took out of his coat pocket.

Kiss me, you fool!

I'll stand behind you if you are going to do it.

This cartographer is famous for the precision in her maps.

Write your name and address.

Juri lives off-campus.

He was kind enough to show me the way to the library.

Roxana needs more.

That day was made a holiday by an act of the diet.

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We never forget.


He came back last August.

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I hardly eat before lunch.

That's what had me puzzled.

This hat is yours.

Seth and I have been close friends for years now.

The names are in alphabetical order.


Eugenia shared with us her favorite oils for cleaning the face and protecting the skin.

Do you know Sridharan's parents?

He swallowed a piece of toast because he was starving.

I like to take photos.

I'd like to change my ticket.

Hohn asked me questions.

One of us could help him.

Don't say that to your mother!

She's minging.

What should I do if I become depressed while studying abroad?

I water the flowers.


Joni utilized some wooden chests as chairs.

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Clearly, both drivers weren't paying attention to the road.

We often hear it said that ants are social animals.

Just sit tight, everyone.

He is superior to me in his good knowledge of English.

He goes by the name of Kenchan.

Thirtieth birthdays often bring with them fears of old age.

I buy what we need for the trip and the gifts for the children.


An actor has to memorize his lines.

I'd hoped to speak with Gregg.

It was the most boring trip of my entire life.

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I'm not brave, I admit; but I'm not superstitious.


I like your dogs.


What am I gonna tell Diana?

Jeannie handed Mick her jacket.

He is proud of the fact that he has never consulted a doctor in his life.

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Hal asked his father if he could go to the cinema.

The alien is postbiological and is really an advanced machine.

We really do want to help them.


We should not be influenced in our decisions by our prejudices.

Open the curtains and let the sunshine in.

Jane used to be one of my best friends at school but we've drifted apart over the past few years.

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How can I lose weight quickly?


Sofia is too tired to do anything.

There's a good chance that Ethan will be the next manager.

They're constructing a bridge over the river.

Lori knows what the situation is.

As many men as came were welcomed.

The population of Wellington is only about one fortieth that of Tokyo.

Is there a large flower shop there?

Are you going to pay a visit to China this fall?

I had a class with Mrs. Tortello.

Choose one from among these products.

You were never home.

Many international conferences have been held in Geneva.

Can you follow me?

Gil is really good at golf.

Would you put it on the table, please?

Where do you want to work?

I don't want to hear any more about Marika.


I don't play that game.


He knew what he did was wrong.

I would have done it at that time.

Don't use your bare hands to scrub the floor.

The little child was fretting for its mother when it was left at the child care centre for the first time.

We need to take that chance.

I wonder if it's worth it.

I didn't ask.

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I'm not getting married.


It's not too late to call this off.


How many words are there in this dictionary?

Rod was right by my side.

You have to call her.


I've sat on my heels for so long my legs have fallen asleep.

We enjoyed listening to the music.

That made me smile.


Do you ever get lonely?


I highly doubt Penny wants to see you.

Why has it taken so long?

We don't know anything about Samuel's past.

Your health is more important.

There are not so many teachers here.

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Kathy tossed his sleeping bag into the tent.

He's here.

We won this time.


The picture you are looking at costs 100,000 yen.


This is my third marriage.


Amedeo is a mother.

She died in the bed.

Have you ever patted a tiger?

Aren't we forgetting something?

Fate has turned in my favour.

The girl wore a yellow ribbon in her hair.

Where have you been all this time?

Can you tell me what's bothering you?

Everyone was okay.

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It's not evening yet.

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Children often live in a world of fancy.

Nagoya is a city that's famous for its castle.

Jaime understood the rules.

It's nice to see him so happy.

That would be sad.


Where did the money go?

At the city center, there are many tall buildings.

He is a famous merchant.


No practical joker should be without a whoopee cushion.

There was nothing secret about it.

Opaque? Not at all. Intuitively obvious to the most casual observer.

Tony jogs every day.

You should pack an extra pair of socks.


I'll dance with him.

I get your point.

I'd like to see him at 2:30.


Manny knows where you are.

Would you like to go to Boston with me?

But did you receive the messages?

Did you bring me anything?

I like Sumitro a lot.


Discussing the matter further will get you nowhere.

Leaving an unburied corpse behind is profanity.

Approximately seven billion people inhabit our planet.

Drew moaned in pain and screamed for help.

Mr. Tanaka can play the piano well.

She is said to be in hospital now.

Who's the representative from your district?

Bradley's apartment looks great after he had it re-carpeted.

I'm not going to take you back to Boston with me.

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Oh My God! I left the wallet in my room!

We were all thirsty.

I love the way you say such things

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You shouldn't allow Maarten to do that.

Rees encouraged Knute to turn herself in to the police.

I've got used to going to bed early.

We enjoyed every minute of the party.

I want to know who killed him.

It was a test.

I used to play here.


I saw the movie long ago.

You can take it.

Your room isn't empty any more.

Hon attended the meeting.

I had intended to call on Jack.

I am stuttering.

I suppose you'll let Vick go.

I always thought Japan was the only country where people remove their shoes inside the house.

"What's wrong?" "My computer just crashed."